Well, hello there! I am glad to have you here

Hi! I’m Natasha Singh, a 24-year-old from Delhi, India. If you had requested that I portray who I am or what I needed to be the point at which I grew up, I most likely would have said a Clinical Psychologist. For a very long time that I can ever recall that, I simply needed to be one, yet because of some personal issues, I didn’t continue in this field. I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology Hons from Delhi University. I would have never thought I would, in any case, say I would be a Lifestyle Blogger. But here I am!

A lil about this blog...

Lifestyle is conveyed in both leisure behavior patterns and work in activities, attitudes, interests, assessments, qualities, and allotment of salary. Moreover, it additionally reflects people’s self view or self idea; the manners in which they see themselves and accept they are seen by the others. Most importantly, way of life is a composite of inspirations, needs, and wants and is impacted by components, for example, culture, family, reference gatherings, and social class. 

Stylers is a lifestyle blog filled with inspirations, ideas, tips and personal growth. Stylers is designed for everyone who aspires to live a healthy and happy life which includes better relationshipsparenting, a healthy style of living, a pretty home, food and passion for fashion. Let’s take out sometime to enjoy reading this lifestyle blog and here we goooo!!!