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5 Common Fashion Mistakes Indian Men Make

fashion mistakes

India is where dealing with your looks and beauty was viewed as feminine. In view of this most men basically couldn’t care less about their looks and continued making huge fashion mistakes. Fortunately, this attitude is improving and now our Indian men have begun to understand the significance of style and looks. Your fashion sense can hugely affect your character and certainty. In the event that you have a decent fashion sense, you will feel increasingly sure about yourself.

In spite of the fact that we are going towards the bearing of fashion proficient, there is a couple of fashion mistakes that we are making which totally ruins our style. It makes us look way less appealing than what we could have looked.

1. Wrong Footwear

Pretty much every stylish man knows the significance of footwear. It has the ability to represent the moment of truth the outfit totally however tragically that is something that most Indian men don’t understand.

I mean I get it chappals are very comfortable, particularly in those hot summer days. Yet trust me its a moment turn off for each and every lady out there. It gives a reflection to others that you simply couldn’t care less about your looks which is unquestionably not acceptable.

Sports shoes are incredible however they are intended to worn while playing some game. Yet, for reasons unknown, men are wearing them all over the place. Words can’t communicate how terrible they make you look when worn with formal pants or even with easygoing outfits.

2. No use of Deodorant

Deodorants are utilized to make you sweat less and to conceal the smell that originates from sweating. In a nation like India which has incredibly hot and sticky atmosphere deodorants turn into an outright need. Regardless of how well you are dressed or how costly garments you put on the off chance that you smell horrible everything is demolished.

Most Indian men either don’t wear a deo or wear some modest awful smelling deo. The two of which are enormous fashion mistakes.

Deodorants are not intended to make you smell wonderful they don’t extend aroma like scents. Deos simply keep you from smelling unpleasant by killing the personal odor yet the greater part of the famous deodorant has aromas. So what you ought to do is, search for some deo with gentle and relieving smell rather than some harsh fragrance.

3. Selecting the wrong colors

This probably won’t sound like a serious mix-up or even a misstep to the greater part of you. However, it certainly is a serious mix-up and can destroy your style totally. Colors can influence how individuals see you wearing the correct colors. It can make you look younger, taller, and progressively in style.

Wearing inappropriate colors together:

Another mix-up most men make is coordinating inappropriate colors together, essentially, avoid wearing two brilliant colors together like a green shirt with maroon chinos. This is one of the huge fashion mistakes.

On the off chance that you are wearing a colorful garment, pair it up with some neutral shading like dark, dim, white, or navy color to neutralize the general look.

4. Wrong fit

This is a very normal error and for reasons unknown, Indian men don’t offer need to the fit and wind up watching in a bad way and unstylish. On the off chance that the fit is acceptable actually any outfit will look great yet in the event that the fit isn’t acceptable everything will look awful on you.

The vast majority of the clothing you purchase from stores come in exact sizes and practically every one of them needs some fitting to be done on them, so go out and locate a decent tailor first.

It is somewhat hard to locate the ideal fit, now and again your garments will be excessively tight, at some point they’ll be excessively free however once you make sense of an ideal choice for your body your style game will change totally.

5. Accessories

No accessories is not a fashion mistake. However, wearing an inappropriate one or wearing such a large number of or excessively little of them is without a doubt a serious misstep.

Not Wearing Accessories: If you don’t have accessories at all then you are passing up an opportunity of venturing up your style game. Wearing or conveying the correct adornments can up your looks in a flash.

Wearing such a large number of extras: If you are the person who wears huge amounts of accessories like pieces of jewelry, extravagant belts, wristbands studs, and so forth then you should presumably chop them down.

Best Accessories: Now let’s talk about the best extras that each man ought to have. First is a decent aroma, it will make you way hotter, way progressively smart. Most Indian men don’t care the slightest bit about how they smell so wearing aroma will give you an additional edge over every other person, so put resources into a decent quality scent. Furthermore, second is a decent watch, presently this is likely the best accessories men can convey. A great watch can raise your entire outfit and will make you increasingly jazzy and not just that it will make you progressively gainful. At the point when you have a watch on you, your mind consistently gets reminded that the time is leaving. Accordingly, you avoid burning through time on unnecessary stuff so its an accessory that each man ought to convey.

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