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8 Quality Contributions In A Healthy Relationship

 healthy relationship

Maybe you are searching for a relationship? Or then again your present relationship feels unacceptable? You are considering what does a healthy relationship seems like? Maybe you have never encountered a relationship that could be depicted as a strong one. Moreover, your experiences with your past or current relationships might be filled with drama and hurt.

I wanted to write on the characteristics that a healthy relationship has and offer some views and guidance on how to have a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Also, I have written about Relationships and communication. It is one of the characteristics out of 8. How communication is important for a relationship to become strong and rich? It talks about how communication makes it smooth to deal with conflicts or issues with a partner. In addition to this, now let us take a look at the other 7 characteristics a relationship must-have.

“I feel emotionally safe with my partner”

The major characteristic of a strong relationship is that “I can be myself in the relationship”. I can believe that my partner regards and supports me, while I offer the same to my partner. If we have an option to be ‘me’, it implies that there are sympathy and acknowledgment with ‘imperfections and everything’ by our partner.

A strong relationship has transparent communication even about the most difficult issues. A solid relationship has, for the most part, a safe bond (connection) and an important attribute of it is consistency in having an interaction. Obviously we all face some issues at times with our partner and we all can possibly fix it. This general consistency in communication adds up to emotional wellbeing.

“Commitment in our relationship”

A couple has a commitment to each other and their relationship in any situation or difficult times if their relationship is strong. They go to one another for solutions instead of depending on others to search for solutions from the outside world. In a strong relationship, the partner believes that if they believe in the relationship and needing to work through troubles, they can together jump the obstacles easily. Also, they discover their way back to a progressively loving and cherishing presence.

“Individuality in a relationship”

Many individuals feel that they lose their personality when they enter a relationship. When a person enter into a relationship, love has so much power that all you wish to do is to be with your partner and would what they like to do.

Sooner or later, normally after two years, as indicated by the couple’s development model (Bader and Pearson, 1988) the relationship enters a phase of discovery. They discover one’s very own character again as a major aspect of a couple. This implies having both mutual and individual interests. Also, having the option to tolerate that your partner may have various interests as well as perspectives from you.

” Sharing values and interests”

Values manage our choices throughout everyday life. Moreover, sharing values help a couple to explore together difficult situations throughout everyday life. If the values are totally different throughout everyday life, it might get hard to find a shared way and direction in life.

Similarly, having some mutual interests with your partner makes a feeling of togetherness. Also, being the closest companions just as sweethearts. Discussing and doing things that both you and your accomplice appreciate add flavor to your relationship. For couples who, for instance, just physically attracted to one another, it’s a difficult task. They may find it increasingly difficult to build long-term fulfilling and healthy relationship.

“We have a ton of fun”

“Couple who play together, remain together”. Fun-loving nature is an important factor for a healthy couple. It is an indication of the couple having the option to relax and have a sense of security with one another. Playfulness supports carefree communication and a great time. Having a great time together makes wonderful memories for the future and times when life is less promising. Additionally, having a great time releases happy hormones in the brain that add to your general well being.

“We are willing to fix our relationship”

Feeling responsible for when we hurt one another, being willing to see ourselves in the mirror and accepting our mistakes are additionally a part of a healthy relationship.

Arguments and a couple declaring their perspectives and limits can acquire a feeling of energy in the relationship as long as the couple can fix the disturbance in the relationship.

“We can be open about our physical needs”

Physical connection resembles the glue that keeps a romantic relationship together. Fulfilling physical needs for emotional wellbeing and feeling like one can really express his/her sexual needs and dreams to his/her partner. In a strong relationship, there is no shame in talking about it and partners co-make sexual experiences that fulfill the two partners.

In conclusion,

A healthy relationship is a package of many characteristics and qualities. Creating a strong and fulfilling happy relationship requires a lot of attention and sacrifices. If both the partners are willing to maintain it, the relationship will come out to be the most beautiful and satisfying experience for a lifetime.


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