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Relationships and communication: 5 key roles you need to learn

Hello everyone, we are going to talk about Relationships and Communication. We all know, all the relationships have ups and downs. But is there any way we can build a healthy relationship? Communication is the most important key role in building a healthy relationship. Healthy communication makes it easier to deal with conflicts and solve the issues.

relationships and communication

I don’t know about every other person, however, for me, communication is perhaps the greatest key to an effective relationship. Firstly, when you are not able to discuss well with your partner, this can lead to trust issues, the tension in between or frustration. According to me, talking to a person with honesty and an open heart can solve matters really quick. Moreover, if you can’t talk to your partner transparently and genuinely about the small issues that are bothering you, how can you expect to make big decisions in your life?

Here, I am going to help you understand the importance of communication in relationships and to build a new level of understanding in between.

The importance of feedback

Communication is perhaps the greatest issue in any relationship. What’s more, maybe one of the most significant parts of communication is the way you provide effective feedback about something that is annoying or bothering you. Again and again, we end up yelling at one other, accusing each other of the circumstances and poor conversation skills.

What is effective feedback? What’s the important rule of giving feedback? There is only one rule that is, you need to focus on the recent behavior of your partner and don’t directly blame on his personality. For example, instead of directly stating “you are a selfish person“, try saying “you are behaving like a selfish person”. This is much easier to hear and accept.

We can gently tell our life partner when the person is offending us or when we feel disregarded or unimportant. Be more specific about what you want to say. Be immediate about saying what’s in your mind and what you did not like rather than pointing out after a month. But also, sometimes the situation is not that right. So wait for the right time when both are ready to talk and act upon.

The importance of Bond

A fundamental key to keeping up a solid relationship is understanding the connection we build with our partner. This “bond” is the thing that attracts us to the partner in the time of joy and need. Bond makes you feel connected in every way to your partner.

Youngsters build up an incredible bond with their parents as good parenting also needs good communication with their kids. As well, adults built an incredible bond when we experience passionate feelings for someone. These connections are very strong and sometimes unbreakable. As an adult, we value attention and care by our partners more than anything else.

In addition to this, keeping up this bond can have difficulties. At the point when we’re angry with our partner, we may not be telling them in a gainful manner concerning what we need. Sometimes we expect that our partner will understand and hope things will get better. But when it doesn’t happen, we end up getting angry. That is why a strong bond is essential.

The importance of expressing disappointment

I realize this is a lot harder for most couples. We would prefer not to offend our partner or fight with them. However, giving our insight into what is really bothering you or what matters to you the most is essential for healthy communication in relationships.

In this way, telling our partner that their activities trouble us includes:

  • Putting aside time to talk when there are no interruptions, and you are both willing to talk.
  • Start with the words with emotions “I feel” instead of “when you” because this puts a partner in a defensive mode. For instance, you might say I am feeling sad because I wanted to go out with you for the new year celebration. This makes our partner realize that he could have taken you out. In this way, you expressed your disappointed without heating up the situation.
  • Consider your partner’s reactions and emotions about the situation.
  • Try saying that you want to thank them for understanding you and you will try to tell in advance what is needed.

Eliminate false assumptions

As human beings, we naturally overthink the situations and end up making false assumptions. In the absence of information, we make our own picture in our mind that makes us sad. We feel less connected with the partner. these negative assumptions can take our emotions to the next level and makes the situation very stressful.

According to me, couples rarely have feelings to hurt each other that is why it is very important to examine the situation rather than just assuming it. Go and ask your partner what is bothering you and just not doubt. Clear the matter between each other.

At the point when we approach our partner with a positive attitude, we’re sustaining our connection and we’re helping our partner understand us in a new manner. In this way, you regard your partner and your connection deepens.

Appreciation is must

Appreciation is important in a healthy relationship. I feel, as individuals, we continually crave positive attention. What’s more, acknowledging somebody is the most ideal approach to doing it. The issue begins when we don’t see how we started underestimating one another and quit thinking about, and valuing one another. We take our partner for granted. Moreover, this leads to different issues like arguments, dissatisfaction, hatred and all of a sudden we start to think about whether this relationship is intended to work out.

Appreciation is key to any relationship. Therefore, acknowledging somebody makes them like what they do, and that it has any kind of effect on their lives. It makes them feel good about themselves and they think more about strengthening their relationship. They put more effort.

At last, when we do healthy communication in a relationship, we must appreciate our partner from time to time. Communication involves appreciation too. Try it!


In this article, we learned about the role of communication in relationships. this includes:

  • Providing feedback
  • Creating a bond
  • Expressing disappointment
  • Eliminate false assumptions
  • Appreciate your partner


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